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Mining and Geology Magazine
АРХИВЕН БРОЙ 7-8 / 2023


Mining and Geology

The journal is entered under No. 2045 in the National Reference List of Contemporary Bulgarian Scientific Publications with Scientific Review

Editorial address

1404 Sofia
27 "Okolovrasten Path" Blvd
BC "Land and People", 1st floor

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Editorial board

Prof. Dr. Eng. Lyuben Totev
University of Mining and Geology "St. Ivan Rilski"
Prof. Dr. Andrey Korchak
проф. дтн инж. Валери Митков
Prof. Dr. Eng. Vencislav Ivanov
Dipl. geologist Detlev Tondera
Prof. Dr. Zoran Despotov
доц. д-р инж. Кремена Деделянова
Dr. Eng. Nikola Vardev
Prof. Dr. Eng. Pavel Pavlov
Prof. Dr. Eng. Radoslav Nakov

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