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Mining and Geology Magazine


Before the advent of specialized mining printing, mining engineers had the opportunity to appear in "Magazine of the Bulgarian Engineering-Architectural Society", which is printed once every two months. It was published for more than 50 years - from mid-1894 to February 1949, with an interruption during the First World War (1915-1920).
The first documented attempt to create a professional mining magazine dates back to February 1925. A magazine appeared in Sofia "Mining". Under its title is written: "Union Periodical. Journal of the Bulgarian Mine Owners". The issue is called the congress issue, as it was published on the occasion of the first congress of the Union of Bulgarian Mine Owners, held in the capital on November 30 and December 1, 1924. The 1925 issue remained the only one, and in fact the publication ceased before its regular publication began.
On October 1, 1935, the publication of the journal "Works on the Bulgarian Mining Industry" began c editor-in-chief Eng. Georgi Konstantinov, who after his death was replaced by Eng. Georgi Vassilev. The magazine was published until 1939, with 10 booklets printed.
In 1945, a weekly about politics, social and cultural life Minno delo" was published in Pernik, whose editor-in-chief was Lyuben Zhirov. From the beginning of March to the end of June, 16 issues were published, which were printed in Sofia in "People's Press". The editorial team probably does not manage to find the necessary support, because after June the weekly ceases to be published.

On 17 December1946 the first issue of the Informative Monthly Bulletin was published - body of the General Directorate of Natural Resources and State Mines in Sofia. The booklet is printed in cyclostyle. This is the magazine it is a successor to today's "Mining and Geology". The editorial team of the "Informative Monthly Bulletin" is made up of specialists - mining engineers Boyan Nedev and Dimitar Ivanov and mining technicians Hristo Malinov and Petar Baltadjiev. At the beginning of 1947, the bulletin received the necessary assistance from the Main Office Directorate of Natural Resources and continues to be published under the same name.
From no. 7-9/1947 it was renamed to cp. "Bulgarian Miner" which is a body of the Ministry of Electrification, waters and underground resources - Directorate "Mining Administration, Quarries and Mineral Waters". Along with the bulletin, 10 booklets were issued this year.
From the beginning of 1948 the magazine began to be published under the name "Miner" as an organ of the Ministry of mines and underground riches. 10 copies were printed.
From no. 3-4/1949 it was renamed the magazine "Mining". Under this name it was published up to and including 1959. In 1949 and 1950, 10 books were published each year, in the period 1951-1954 - 12 each, and in the following five years - 6 each. During all these years "Mining" it is subordinated to various departments. In 1949 and 1950 it was a body of the Ministry of Industry, in 1951 - of the Ministry of Heavy Industry, and from no. 2/1959 - of the Committee on Industry and Technical Progress.
From January 1960, the magazine was renamed again and began to be published as "Mining and Metallurgy" - an organ of the Committee on Industry. It was published under this name until 1963, during which it was a departmental publication of the Committee on Chemistry and Metallurgy.
At the beginning of 1964, "Mining and Metallurgy" was divided into two magazines: "Mining and Metallurgy", a body of the Committee (subsequently Ministry) in Chemistry and Metallurgy, and Coal - a publication of the Committee on Energy and Fuels (subsequently the Committee on Energy). In both magazines, NTS on Mining, Geology and Metallurgy is a co-publisher. Sp. "Mining and metallurgy" was published as an independent publication in 12 books from 1964. until the end of 1965. In 1966 it underwent a new division - intosp. "Mining", published from 1966 to 1984 e. as a publication of various departments, to which mining is subject, and sp. "Metallurgy"which continues its independent path until now. Thus divided as branch publications "Coal" and "Ore Mining" existed independently until 1984.
At the beginning of 1985 they were united in the magazine "Mining" departmental edition of the Energy Committee.
Since 1991 e. the magazine is published regularly under its current name "Mining and Geology", and until mid-2015 is published by "Zemya'93" OOD Publishing House, where the companies from the branch are partners.
Since the beginning of 2016, the publisher of the magazine "Mining and Geology"is the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology ( BMGK), which also registers the trademark.

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