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Dear authors


Mining and Geology

"Mining and Geology" magazine, in addition to corporate information for companies in the industry, publishes the following materials:

  • Editorials assigned by the editorial board
  • Original articles
  • Short Scientific Reports
  • Review articles
  • Information about scientific forums
  • Introducing and reviewing new books
  • Commemorating anniversaries of distinguished scientists and organizations
  • The articles should be consistent with the theme of the magazine and should deal with important scientific, production, technical, technological and economic problems.
  • The title should be accurate, clear and short.
  • The size of the articles should not exceed 12 pages (30 lines of 60 characters; 1800 characters per page), incl. figures, pictures and tables.
  • On the first page under the title, the two names of the authors, their scientific degrees and titles, their place of work, e-mail address, telephone number should be indicated.
  • The articles must be presented with an author's summary in Bulgarian and English of up to 200 words, generally including the purpose, the methods used, the results obtained and the conclusions of the development.
  • The summary is followed by a maximum of 7 keywords in Bulgarian and English.
  • If possible, we recommend that authors structure their articles in sections and with separate subheadings. For example – introduction, objectives, methods, technique, technology, results, discussion, conclusions.
  • The attached tables and figures should be cited in the appropriate place in the text. The tables should be titled, and the figures and photos should be accompanied by the corresponding explanation.
  • Graphic images must be of high resolution (300 dpi) and conform to the dimensions in which they will be published (width of the type field 17.5 cm). It is recommended to submit them separately in one of the following file formats: tiff, jpeg, bmp, psd, eps, ai.
  • Units of measurement are denoted according to the International System of Units (SI).
  • The used literary sources are numbered according to the sequence of their citation in the text. In the text, the serial number of the used source is indicated in square brackets [ ] with a number. In the sources used, the authors of the material, its title, the publisher and the city where it is located, and the year of publication are indicated after the article.
  1. Citation of collections of normative documents: Accounting legislation 2002. Normative acts. Composition. A. Kolchev, P. Angelov. Sofia, IK PAKS, 2002. 536 p.
  2. Citation of a book by one author: Uvaliev, N. The centuries of Atanas Burov. Varna, Dangrafik, 2007. 424 p.
  3. Citation of a book by two authors: Asenova, M., S. Simeonov. Stock exchanges. Veliko Tarnovo, Abagar, 2004. 662 p.
  4. Citation of a book by three authors: Kasheva, M., O. Tuleshkova, I. Kuyumdzhiev. Databases. [Textbook for the students of IU – Varna]. Varna, Science and Economics, 2009. 268 p.
  5. Citation of a book with more than three authors: The names of the first three authors must be indicated, and the others, if desired, are omitted with the indication "etc." or “et al.” depending on the goals of the quoter. Lambova, M., C. Rusev, D. Koseva and others. Statistics. [Textbook for the students of IU – Varna]. Varna, Steno, 2008. 308 p.
  6. Citation of a multivolume edition: Fotev, G. History of Sociology. T. 1 – 2. Sofia, IK Trud, 2002. 375 p., 616 p.
  7. Citation of a part of a document (publication in an anthology or journal):- material from an anthology: Moinov, M. Management of the information resource. – Information management of the enterprise. Sat. acc. from a symposium with international participation. Univ. ed. Icon. Univ. - Varna, 2002, pp. 121 - 128. - magazine article: Boyadzhieva, P. Modern universities - between autonomy, accountability and responsibility. – Strategies of educational and scientific policy, 2002, N 2, pp. 42 – 63. – newspaper article: Georgiev, O. The WikiLeaks coup: The information era celebrated its coming of age with a bang. – Capital, No. 48, 04 Dec. 2010.
  8. Citation on CD:Statistical Yearbook 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001. National Statistical Institute [CD-ROM]. Sofia, NSI, [2002]. – 324MB.
  9. Citation from legal information systems - Ciela, APIS, etc. Customs Law. Effective from 01.01. 1999. Ciela Normi. Current to SG no. 32 of 28.04.2009. Law on the Judiciary (promulgated, SG No. 59 of 22.07.1994, amended and supplemented). CPA: Consumer Protection Act. Pron. in SG dated 10.06.2006, amended DV. No. 18 of March 1, 2001. Available at: [29.02.2001].
  10. Dissertation citation: Nikolova, B. Modeling in the tax control system. Diss. Varna. 2012.
  • The received articles are considered by the editorial board and the approved ones are assigned for review by specialists in the field, the subject of the specific article.
  • All reviewers hold scientific titles and degrees. The authors of the texts are independent of the reviewers. The reviewer cannot be the scientific supervisor of the author of the text and belongs to a different administrative unit.
  • Scientific articles are published after a positive result of anonymous and independent peer review.
  • The name of the reviewer is published at the end of the article, provided that he has stated this in the review form.
  • Authors who publish their scientific results bear full responsibility for their validity, credibility and originality.
  • Authors take full responsibility for the opinions and concepts they express in their articles.
  • Plagiarism in all its forms is unacceptable. Authors must cite the publications used in the development and are required to follow the specified citation rules.
  • Authors are required to disclose any sponsorship or financial arrangements related to their development. This is reflected at the end of the post.
  • It is the author's responsibility to obtain permission to reproduce illustrations, tables, etc. from other publications.
  • Submitting a manuscript for publication means transferring copyright from the author to the publisher. Accepted publications may not be republished in whole or in part without the written consent of the publisher.
  • Authors of articles and information approved for printing accept stylistic corrections and abbreviations that do not change the meaning of the text.
  • Each author is entitled to two free paper copies of the journal.
  • Additional information on the preparation of manuscripts can be obtained on the editorial phones and e-mail. © 2024. Всички права запазени.