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Еng. vladislav stoykov, vlado_Prof. DSc. Eng. mihail mihaylov

The present works is related to the idea of researching and modeling stationary low pressure water fixed firefighting systems (FFFS) for fire protection of road tunnels with water mist. The GW M5 is tested, which is a compact, low pressure water mist nozzle specifically designed for overall and local use for protective water mist fire extinguishing systems. The main purpose of water mist systems is to prevent the full development of a fire in a road tunnel to its maximum capacity and, if possible, to ensure that damaged cars in a tunnel pipe can be separated from the rest of the passenger traffic, to localize and limit the spread of a possible fire inside a broken car. The operation of these FFFS will ensure the problem-free movement of other road users in the tunnel and also prevent the fire from spreading to other vehicles. Water mist systems are inherently effective in the early stages of fire development.


fires in road tunnels; fixed firefighting systems (FFFS); water mist - classes and characteristics; low pressure water mist nozzle; stand for testing nozzles


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