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“I take the position as a new responsibility and as a new opportunity for coal energy. Sustainable Energy and Maritza East Complex will be the motto from now on. I hope I will be able to protect the Maritza East complex because our work is dependent on the operation of the plants”, comments Andonov.

Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova performed the changes of the leadership of the Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD with a protocol decision appointing Jacqueline Cohen, Zhivko Dinchev – executive director of TPP Maritza-East2 EAD and Andon Andonov to be members of the Board of Director for a period of three years. The Energy Minister’s decision will come into force after being entered in the Commercial Register.

Minister Petkova thanked the previous composition of the Board of Directors of the holding for their professionalism and the efforts made to stabilize the energy companies of the BEH EAD Group.

The newly elected Board of Directors has appointed Jacqueline Cohen as Executive Director of Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD.



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