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European energy ministers have cooled the European Commission’s ambitions to swiftly impose stricter limits on coal-fired power plants, and have refused to raise the target of a 27% share of renewable energy in member states’ total energy consumption by 2030. However, the 28 member states, approved at a midnight meeting of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council on December 18, do not change the general direction of the policy to limit greenhouse gas emissions, but simply make these goals easier to achieve by the parties.

The agreement reached is on four main pieces of legislation: on the general rules for the electricity market and the regulation on the internal market in electricity, on the promotion of renewable energy and the regulation on the governance of the Energy Union (which links the proposals). This will allow negotiations to begin with the European Parliament as early as next year on the adoption of legislation aimed at achieving the EU’s 2030 energy and climate targets.

“Customers are our top priority in this legislation. Our goal is a competitive market that provides affordable electricity for all, but we will also enable governments to help when needed. On the other hand, consumers will have the opportunity to be active. and make informed decisions, “said Kadri Simson, Estonia’s economy and infrastructure minister, which holds the EU presidency until the end of the year.

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