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In June, the first two GIDROCK LV machines, intended for transportation of people and explosives, were put into operation in the mines of Lucky Invest AD – Dzhurkovo and Druzhba. In the tests, the machines showed high passability and excellent maneuverability in the narrow mine galleries.

GIDROCK LV is designed and manufactured by Allegi Engineering Ltd. in accordance with the requirements of BDS EN 1889-1: 2011 “Mining machines. Mobile machines working underground. Safety. Part 1: Railless vehicles with pneumatic tires”.

The machine is designed to perform various logistics activities in the conditions of the mines such as: transportation of people, transportation of materials, service activities, transportation of fuel materials and others.

The advantages of the machine over standard vans come from the industrial components and materials used, such as:

  • Bridges with integrated multi-disc brakes in an oil bath isolated from the environment.
  • Hydrodynamic transmission.
  • Hydraulic steering system and brakes.
  • SAHR parking brake (spring-loaded with hydraulic release).
  • S355 and S700MC steel construction.

This ensures a high level of safety, high reliability and low costs during the service life of the equipment.

Off-road vehicles are still used in many places around the world for off-road vehicles. All of them are not specially designed for work in a mining environment. Alleggi believes that their product is extremely innovative and similar machines will be in demand in the future. The support of the native production is what the company relies on at the moment – flexibility, innovation and professionalism are what they can offer.

More information about the new development can be found in the upcoming issue. 6-7 / 2020, p. 35 of the journal “Mining and Geology” © 2024. Всички права запазени.