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At the proposal of the government, President Rumen Radev awarded Prof. Tsolo Vutov, with Stara Planina Order, for the outstanding contribution and merit to the economic development of the country and the building of modern industrial relations. Decree No. 154 was promulgated on issue 53 of 05.07.2019 of the State Gazette.

Prof. Vutov, Head of GEOTECHMIN Group, which brings together more than 20 companies, receives the award for the economic and social responsibility of the companies and their participation in the implementation of some of the most successful and significant projects in the mineral, construction, road infrastructure and conservation of the environment in Bulgaria. He contributes to the extension of the life cycle of the Elatsite Mine by more than 25 years and to the overall effective and sustainable management of the Elatsite-Med mine complex, the design and construction of the Benkovski-2 Trench, one of the largest projects in the country’s mining industry, the construction of the new terminal and runway at Sofia Airport, at metro stations, landfills and major infrastructure projects such as Struma Motorway.

As an employer, Prof. Vutov directs significant funds for reinvestment in production, expansion of activity to promising business lines and ensuring the socio-economic and overall sustainable development of the regions he conducts business in. Among the reasons for the award is his contribution to research and his social engagement. As a long-time chairman of the The Scientific and Technical Union for mining, geology and metallurgy and a member of the leaderships of the The Scientific and Technical Union for Mining, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Bulgarian Mining Chamber, the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria, the National Board of Tourism and a number of international organizations, he has consistently assisted over the years in improving the business environment in Bulgaria, protecting private initiatives and the scientific innovation and enrichment of the potential of these organizations.

His goals for corporate social responsibility and donation are essential.

Prof. Eng. Tsolo Vutov and the companies of the GEOTECHMIN Group adhere to the values of corporate social responsibility and are serious partners of the Bulgarian Mining Chamber, at which  is aimed the award for the largest corporate donor for 2014, to the local communities, representatives of the culture, science and education.

Prof. Vutov has been honored many times with honorary titles and awards, including the Bulgarian Gold Order of Labor for his contribution to the construction of IOC “Elatsite” in the period 1976 – 1982, the Special Award of the Bulgarian Investment Agency for his outstanding contribution to the Bulgarian Economy and Research and Development, the President’s Award for overall contribution to the development of the economy in Bulgaria, the Honorary Badge of the CTMU, the highest BCCI award – bronze statuette HERMES, the Order of Humanism – 1st degree of MANEB, Gold badge and Prof. Assen Zlatarov awards, etc.

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