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Digitization, Artificial Intelligence or the Internet. The technological revolution will bring a series of new products and innovative services over the coming decades. These changes will also have a significant impact on the added value of the extractive industry and the related industries. Therefore, in partnership with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainable Development and Tourism, Eumicon is organizing an international conference in Vienna during the Austrian EU Presidency – September 26-28, 2018.The conference is aimed at decision-makers in economics, science and commodity policy, as well as in the fields of raw materials and processing. The conference languages are German and English.
Working trips, an attractive social program and a formal dinner fulfill the conference proposal.E
Eumicon (European Confederation of Mineral Resources) is a joint platform of stakeholders from the public administration, the raw materials and science industries. Eumicon brings together 160 companies in the steel, mining and non-ferrous metals sectors with manufacturing and distribution centers in most parts of Europe.
Eumicon aims to encourage dialogue on raw materials and provide sustainable solutions.


The Bulgarian company signs a direct service agreement with the German company

Geotrading AD has become the exclusive partner of Rolls-Royce’s business unit Power Systems with its product and solution brand MTU for the mining industry in Bulgaria. The two companies have signed an agreement according to which the Bulgarian company will now serve as a direct service workshop partner. Geotrading AD will provide post-sales warranty and post-warranty servicing of MTU engines, manufactured by the Germany based business unit Power Systems of Rolls-Royce, the British technology group.

‘The signature of this agreement is an important milestone and a step forward in the strategic development of Geotrading AD. For several years, the company has functioned as a system integrator of MTU engines and has built a reputation for being a loyal and reliable partner capable of maintaining consistently high quality and having its eyes firmly set on a variety of prospects in the mining industry. We have thus earned the trust of a partner of truly global standing, Rolls-Royce Power Systems,’ Ivan Vutov, PhD, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Geotrading AD, said.

Geotrading AD has its proprietary stationary service centre for mining equipment, which currently supplies, refits and provides maintenance and technical servicing to MTU engines under a contract signed with the German company based in Friedrichshafen. The service centre technicians and specialists of Geotrading AD have gained a wealth of experience, having integrated more than 8 engines into mining dump trucks. The new agreement will enable Geotrading AD to expand its base and offer supplies and servicing at several centres across Bulgaria. At the same time, under the system integration agreement concluded with Rolls-Royce Power Systems for MTU products and solutions, the mining industry service centre of Geotrading AD will continue to refit various mining equipment and machinery.

MTU is one of the leading brands for powerful diesel engines for the mining industry, seagoing vessels, locomotives and agricultural machines. Rolls-Royce’s business unit Power Systems, based in Germany is a leading manufacturer of engines for a number of the most highly productive mining activities the world over. Every day, MTU engines operate in the harshest conditions, having proven their robustness, reliability and excellent value for money. They increase the dynamic performance of equipment and reduce fuel, maintenance and technical servicing costs. Other advantages of MTU engines include low operational costs and noise levels.

MTU engines have long since proven their position in the mining industry for all emission levels and all types of mining equipment used both on and under the ground. They are best known for operating on high altitudes, extreme temperatures and heavy loads The MTU Series 1600 – 4000 engines have demonstrated outstanding performance in mining applications against remarkably low fuel consumption.

The product range, provided by Geotrading AD includes a large variety of engine capacities from 75 to 3 000 kW (101 to 4 023 hp), including the legendary engine in the 4000 series, which is recognised as the industry standard for high-power applications.


On August 23, 2019, the Ada Tepe mine was officially opened in the city of Krumovgrad. The ceremony was attended by National Assembly Speaker Tsveta Karayancheva, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister Mariana Nikolova, Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov, Mayor of the City of Sebihan Mehmed, President of Euromin Mark Rahovidas, representatives of Bulgarian enterprises and representatives of Bulgarian enterprises guests. In addition to the Vice President of Dundee Precious Metals, Dr. Ilia Garkov, who hosted the event, it was also attended by President and CEO Rick House and Chairman of the Board of Directors Jonathan Goodman. At the beginning of the  ceremony, guests were able to see short clips telling the story of  Ada Tepe and the people working at the mine and the processing plant.









More information about the event can be found in issue no. 8/2019 of Mining and Geology magazine.



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Today, on August 18, the mining community in Bulgaria celebrated its professional holiday – the Miner’s Day. The official celebration took place at Sofia Hotel Balkan, where traditionally hundreds of industry representatives gathered. Special guests of the celebration were the Minister of Energy Mrs. Temenuzhka Petkova, who is also the patron of the holiday, the Vice-President of the European Association of Mining Industries Mr. Roman Stiftner, representatives of the institutions in the sector, national and employers’ organizations, trade unions, regional governors and mayors from the country and academia.

In his overview report, the chairman of the Scientific and Technical Union for Mining, Geology and Metallurgy, Dr. Eng. Kremena Delyanova summarized the state of the industry in 2018, as well as the major events and initiatives in the sector.

Our country ranks third in copper production, fourth in gold and fifth in lignite production in Europe. The main raw materials extracted in Bulgaria are lignite, lead-zinc, copper and polymetallic ores, gypsum, limestone, bentonite, kaolin, quartz sands, refractory clays and marble.The total extraction of minerals for 2018 is 108.4 million tons, and the value of the production is close to BGN 3 billion. The industry reports nearly 2.5 times higher productivity than the industry average in the country. Directly employed in the industry are  22,000, and through related industries and services their number reaches up to 120,000. Salaries in the sector remain among the highest and in 2018 marks an increase of 10%, with the average annual salary reaching BGN 1700.The development of this industry is a priority of our government. Businesses and institutions go hand in hand – this is a guarantee for the success of the sector”, Energy Minister Ms Temenuzhka Petkova said in her welcoming  speech. The updated National Strategy for the Mineral Resources Industry gives a vision for development and guarantees the interests of investors”, Minister Petkova argued.

In her speech, she also stressed the development of coal mining, which is one of the major challenges facing the Bulgarian energy sector.The Deputy Chairman of  Euromin, Mr. Roman Stiftner, highlighted Bulgaria’s contribution to the European extractive industries during the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of Europe. “I would like to thank Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology for the founding rules for the sector, with which they have been able to contribute to the European industry.” He also drew attention to the importance of convincing the new European Parliament team regarding  the great importance of the mineral – raw industry. “We need to make politicians understand that we cannot survive one day without this industry”, Mr Schiftner added. During the celebration, the Bulgarian Mining Chamber honored the top mining companies for 2018 in the categories:  best results, care for nature, safety and health, innovation and corporate social responsibility.

Personal awards were presented to people who have contributed to the industry – namely  the Journalist Award and the best student at the University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski.

The Bulgarian Mining Chamber Annual Award 2018 for the highest annual results in the mineral industry:

  • Gorubso – Madan AD with CEO Sergei Atanasov for a growth in production in 2018 by 5.8% compared to 2017.
  • Innovation Award
  • Elatsite – Med AD with Executive Director Eng. Dragomir Draganov for the project “Implementation of modern technology for increasing the stability of Benkovski-2 tailings dam”
  • Safety and Health Award –  Zero Accidents in 2018, certified by a document from the National Social Security Institute.
  • Assarel Medet AD with Executive Director Eng. Delcho Nikolov
  • Assarel-Repair Ltd. with its manager eng. Ivan Ignatov
  • Imeris Minerals Bulgaria AD with its Executive Director Ms. Juliana Mareva
  • Care for the nature Award – for no breaches and sanctions and for full compliance with environmental standards in 2018, certified by a document from RIEW
  • Assarel Medet AD with Executive Director Eng. Delcho Nikolov
  • Награда „Грижа за природата“ – за липса на нарушения и санкции във връзка със спазване на екологичните норми през 2018 г., удостоверено с документ от РИОСВ
  • “Асарел – Медет” АД с изпълнителен директор инж. Делчо Николов.

Award for socially responsible campaign of a company in the mineral industry

  • Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad EAD with Executive Director Dr. Ilia Garkov for the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Assistance Fund Project

Personal Awards for Contribution to the Mineral Industry – Anniversaries of Leaders of Long-standing and Active Members of the Mining Association:

  • Prof. DSc Eng. Tsolo Vutov (Geotechmin Ltd.) – 70 years of age
  • Delcho Nikolov (Asarel-Medet JSC) – 60 years of ag
  • Dr. Nikolay Kolev (Ognianovo-K AD) – 60 years of age
  • Prof. Dr. Pavel Pavlov (Deputy Rector of Mining University “St. Ivan Rilski”) – 50 years years of age
  • Prof. Dr. Stefcho Stoynev – Manager of Geotechnics ABS Ltd.) – 60 years of age
  • Ivan Ignatov (Assarel – Repair Ltd.) –  70 years of age
  • Mitko Mladenov (Rudmetal AD) – 60 years of age
  1. Awards for contribution to the Bulgarian mineral resources industry – diploma for the anniversary of a long-standing and active member of the Mining Association:
  • 44 years since the creation of IOC Elatsite and 20 years since the accession of Elatsite-Med AD to the GEOTECHMIN Group60 years Lucky Enrichment Factory  – Lucky Invest AD with CEO Atanas Marinsky

Award for objective and consistent reflection of the industry:

  • Mrs. Mariana Boykova – 24 Chasa daily

Award for contribution to the mineral industry:

  • Metodi  Savov – a vetera

The Best Student Award “St. Ivan Rilski”:

  • Bozhil Demerdzhiev – majoring Gas Fuel and Purification Equipment and Technologies, final assessment 5,61 – diploma and money award from The Association of Bulgarian Miners.
  • Ivanka Stoyanova – Majoring in Mine surveyor and Geodesy, final assessment 5.60 – cash prize  by  “Minstroy Holding” AD
  • Bozhurka Georgieva – majoring Geophysics, final assessment 5.83 – award by  Asarel Foundation, established in the name of Prof. Dr. Luchezar Tsotsorkov

Prizes of the Scientific and Technical Union for Mining, Geology and Metallurgy awarded during the National Miner Day Celebration:

  1. Award Honorable Miner – Eng. Nedelcho Bonev
  2. Award Honorable Geologist – Prof. Dr. Ruslan Kostov and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stefan Boyadzhiev.



Every year, on the day of the Assumption of St. Ivan Rilski, August 18, we celebrate the  Miners Day.

Since 1996, the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology along with its partners the Scientific and Technical Union of Mining, Geology and Metallurgy and the Mining Federations at CITUB and Podkrepa labor unions have been celebrating the professional holiday of all those working in the mineral – raw industry. The celebration brings together generations of mining professionals, geologists, business executives, friends and partners of the Bulgarian Mining-Geology Union. The annual awards of the Chamber are also presented during the solemn assembly, as well as anniversaries of persons for contributing to the industry. The Minister of Energy is the patron of the holiday. Until the end of August, the Miners Day is celebrated with events in the developed mining regions as well.

This year Elatsite-Med AD, Assarel-Medet AD, Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech, Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad, Kaolin EAD, Gorubso Madan, Gorubso Zlatograd, Mini Maritza- East, Lucky Invest will celebrate the Day of the Miner. Hundreds of employees of the companies, their families, veterans, thousands of residents of the respective regions and many guests will participate in the celebrations. Along with the reporting of professional results and honorable awards, there will also be a rich entertainment program. Congratulatory address

are published in no. 7/19 of Mining and Geology magazine and can be found HERE.


“I take the position as a new responsibility and as a new opportunity for coal energy. Sustainable Energy and Maritza East Complex will be the motto from now on. I hope I will be able to protect the Maritza East complex because our work is dependent on the operation of the plants”, comments Andonov.

Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova performed the changes of the leadership of the Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD with a protocol decision appointing Jacqueline Cohen, Zhivko Dinchev – executive director of TPP Maritza-East2 EAD and Andon Andonov to be members of the Board of Director for a period of three years. The Energy Minister’s decision will come into force after being entered in the Commercial Register.

Minister Petkova thanked the previous composition of the Board of Directors of the holding for their professionalism and the efforts made to stabilize the energy companies of the BEH EAD Group.

The newly elected Board of Directors has appointed Jacqueline Cohen as Executive Director of Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD. © 2024. Всички права запазени.